#What's this? Point #1

The moment you see it.、

Everyone's like, "What the hell? Topical packaging.

The overwhelming impact of the!
Who wouldn't reach out to you after seeing this? No! Everyone instantly #what's this? I'm a sucker for the packaging.

#What's this? Point #2(1)

Branding with impact is exploding in popularity!

Over 60,000 units in 3 months of sales!

We have about 300 restaurants from Nakasu in Hakata to Ginza in Tokyo, selling our products!A great package of drinks, talk and then some! Support

#What's this? Point #2(2)

A lot of restaurants are repeating themselves!

#What's this? Point #3(1)

Expansion of sales channels and series

The ban on restaurant-only sales has been lifted, and the product can also be sold at convenience stores and drugstores!

And... the first in the series, "#What's this? With "Ukon Maca" at the top of the list, "What's this? We're going to continue the series with "00"!

⇒ Coming soon! #What's this? Awesome tea.
⇒ Maybe the public! #What's this? curry
⇒ Maybe the public! #What's this? snack (to have with a drink)

I beg to differ!

#What's this? Point #3(2)

And with the expansion of the sales channel, the product is now readily available at convenience stores and drugstores nationwide!

#What's this? Point #4

Actually, I'm serious.

Stick to the real thing and condense what you need!

The ingredients of "Japanese Organic Brown Rice and Black Vinegar Moromi" and "Fermented Autumn Turmeric" are blended together without any loss of taste. In addition, it contains "Sobha" (green perilla), which has been prescribed in Chinese herbal medicine since ancient times, and it has detoxifying and antibacterial effects, as well as effective in improving immunity and gastrointestinal health.

A unique blend of amino acids plus alpha using traditional methods! Easier to feel the effects!

The organic brown rice and black vinegar produced by a 300-year-old tradition (the static fermentation and long-term aging method*) is not only rich in amino acids, but also contains a good balance of essential and non-essential amino acids (alanine, glutamine, etc.), which makes it possible to eliminate alcohol (acetaldehyde), which is the cause of hangovers, more efficiently. Breakdown. In addition, amino acids have the ability to improve liver function and promote liver regeneration.

※Static fermentation and prolonged maturation is a method of making sake (doburoku) in a traditional wooden vat, fermenting it naturally for 120 days or more, and then maturing it for a longer period of time, which is richer in amino acids than vinegar made by the general mass-production fast brewing method (about 6 hours of student time).

Fermented autumn cocoon to increase absorption!

Autumn turmeric is rich in curcumin, and its content is more than 10 times that of spring turmeric. Curcumin activates the liver to help break down fat, absorb nutrients, and break down harmful substances (such as alcohol). In addition, fermenting the turmeric makes its molecular weight smaller and thus easier to absorb.

A handsome handsome man with the all-important nutrient maca for even more energy!

Maca is a well-balanced and concentrated source of 18 amino acids, minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc, dietary fiber and vitamins. The amino acid (arginine) contained in maca is also nourishing and tonic (strengthening muscle tissue, improving immunity, improving bacterial and viral resistance, and inhibiting carcinogenic cells), male vitality (sperm quality, including improvement in semen volume, sperm count, motile sperm count, and sperm motility), female vitality (prevention of menopause, arteriosclerosis, and skin aging, and hormonal It is effective in regulating balance and recovering from physical and mental fatigue, and can be expected to increase the vitality of men and women of all ages.

In other words, Fermented Ukon x Black Vinegar Moromi x Maca, the strongest trio of vitality and energy.